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Ways You Must Know To Take Care Of Trees: Arborists Southern Highlands

Healthy plants are essential to keep the environment green but due to ignorance of proper knowledge about the plant care, number of trees used to be damaged every year. An arborist providing tree service Southern Highlands told that numbers of people unaware of the benefits of maintaining the trees. However, here are certain tips regarding the care process of the tress.

“Knowing the species is important”: An Arborists Southern Highlands

Numbers of people used to do gardening as a hobby, but not aware of the species of the tree. Therefore, firstly one must know the species of the tree. Knowing the species can help you to take better care of the trees in your garden. You can use applications for identifying the trees and must know the characteristics of them. It is possible that some of tree can harm the property during a storm in such cases you can call a professional providing tree service Southern Highlands to do some cuttings in proper way that reduces the chance of harm.

Fertilise the trees at regular interval

Just as nutrients are essential for a growing child, fertilizers are also important for trees. Fertilizers are the nutrients for trees and adding proper fertilizers in the ground, the trees can get the best growth. However, during initial time, there is no need of fertilizers but later when the tree starts to grow there will be need for fertilizer for sure.  However, with the help of professionals you can also do a soil test. The result will help to know what sort of nutrients is lacking in the soil. Additionally, you can have a check for the acidity or alkali nature of the soil.

Prune with the help of professionals

Pruning is an effective way to take care of the trees.  Pruning is the way in which the extended, diseased branches of the tree or the dead branches being cut and removed. In addition, pruning can distinctively add strength to tree and can increase the wind resistance. Further, when you are removing the dead cells the canopy allows the sunlight to reach all the potions in equal manner. You know proper sunlight is how much essential for the growth of a tree. Especially those trees, which are in proximity to the house, must undergo of proper pruning.

Take care on regular basis

Adding fertilizer once in a blue moon cannot help in the growth of the tree. It is important to take care of the tree on regular intervals. However, you can also do an annual inspection by a professional and certified arborist of your trees as they can help you to point out the issues in the trees and you can take proper care from the initial stage. In addition, one must remove diseased branches before it harms the tree.

However, in addition to the mentioned cares techniques you can add mulches at the roots of the mulches. This can help to let the soil moist for a long.



Difference of Lopping and Pruning Must Be Known To All: Tree Lopper Southern Highlands

One of forms that arborists used to use in order to maintain trees is lopping of the tree. However, an arborist associated with tree removal Mittagong mentioned that tree lopping is only done when there is no option left whereas pruning can be done at any time to make the tree healthier. Apart from this, there are some other difference between lopping and pruning. Here we discuss some of them.

“Lopping causes stress to the trees”: Tree Lopper Southern Highlands

It is true that when a lopping is done, it causes stress to the trees. In pruning, the dead or diseased part of the tree is removed whereas in lopping even the significant parts of the trees are removed too. Such cuts can affect the crown root ratio of the trees. Further, such ratio can affect the energy generation and food production of the tree. The reason is that during lopping the healthy branches are also cut which affects the photosynthesis process.

Lopping is momentary way out

Yes, tree lopping is somewhere a temporary solution whereas the pruning is not. The immediate results that tree lopping provides are short lived. However, an arborist associated with tree removal Mittagong mentioned that removal of tree is much effective than of the lopping whereas pruning is more of permanency in nature. It only includes the removal of the dead or diseased portions.

Lopping poses danger also

May be at the start it seems that lopping is a good option for the homeowners. It looks that shaping your tree is a good option but in taking the matter in deep, you can find that it involves a good amount of risk. The activity of lopping is itself tricky as it involves working at a high level, additionally cutting the heavy tree branches. Another important issue is that during lopping, the unstable parts are often cut and the part used to regrow. Therefore, it is wasting unless you are really in need of it. On contrary pruning helps to removed the diseased parts.

Lopping can invite diseases too

An arborist mentioned that lopping the trees open up the space for diseases to the trees. It exposes the inner parts of the trees. Defence mechanism of the tree often gets weaker after undergoing the lopping process and thus those areas becomes more vulnerable to infections. However, apart from being infected the chance of infested by insects and pest increase too after completion of lopping. The reason is same as normal protection layers were cut due to lopping.

However, while taking the decision between lopping and pruning it van is only advised that lopping should be done only in case of urgency or where no choice is left. In addition, a proper lopping must be done also under the supervision of arborist who is well qualified for the job. In case of hiring non-professional the chances of things to going in wrong direction is more.



Professional Arborist Should Do Stumps Removing Only: A Professional Stump Removal Bowral

Often it happens that people try to remove the stumps in the garden by their own. However, a professional Stump Removal Moss Vale mentioned that it is easy to say but difficult to perform. It is not about cutting the tree brunches only but includes the removal of roots dug deep in the ground. It needs proper skills along with professional excavator equipments. Therefore, it is a wise decision to call professional for the work. Here are some more reasons to call professionals.

“Experience is key for Stump removal work” Said a professional Stump Removal Bowral.

Yes, it is true, as while you hire a skilled professional for the work, you can remain assured of a safe removal of the tree stumps without any harm to other parts of the property. You will not remain liable for any damage causes to your property. In addition, an arborist also poses practical knowledge about handling the stump removal process. Perfection in stump removal job comes with experience, as you cannot be able to learn it from any instructional manual.

Experience enhances knowledge

As mentioned in the earlier point, experience is important as it also enhances your knowledge.  A professional stump removal Moss Vale told that knowledge about the circumstances and area where the removal will happen is important for a successful operation. Therefore, a professional arborist can give you advice about whether any permission is need from local body or not. In addition, a professional arborist also poses the knowledge of handling the awkward situations regarding live electric wires or underground water or gas line. These are professional knowledge that cannot come without experience.

Professional handling ensures safety

One cannot deny the fact that removal of stump is both risky and dangerous. In addition handling the equipments is also tricky, as you are not doing this every day, so it is better to leave the task with the professionals. Prior to start the work, professionals always go for a safety analysis to see any potential harm. An arborist can figure out the best way to remove by assessing the stump and not by harming anyone.

Safety comes with using right equipments

While talking about the safety issues during the stump removal process, one cannot miss the equipment. Several excavator equipments are there in market sizing from a lawn mower to a mini tractor.  But the question is “Do you know the right equipment for the work?” The answer is obviously a “NO”. It is natural, as common people don’t used to remove stumps every other day. Therefore, choosing wrong equipment can hamper the work as well as can harm any person during the work.  However, professional arborist can choose the right equipment by assessing the stump and reduces the chance of any harm to anyone.

So, you can see that removing stump is not that easy as you thought earlier therefore, if you are in need of removing stumps call the professionals now.