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Difference of Lopping and Pruning Must Be Known To All: Tree Lopper Southern Highlands

by Above All Arbor

Posted on 2018-05-25 05:49:15

One of forms that arborists used to use in order to maintain trees is lopping of the tree. However, an arborist associated with tree removal Mittagong mentioned that tree lopping is only done when there is no option left whereas pruning can be done at any time to make the tree healthier. Apart from this, there are some other difference between lopping and pruning. Here we discuss some of them.

“Lopping causes stress to the trees”: Tree Lopper Southern Highlands

It is true that when a lopping is done, it causes stress to the trees. In pruning, the dead or diseased part of the tree is removed whereas in lopping even the significant parts of the trees are removed too. Such cuts can affect the crown root ratio of the trees. Further, such ratio can affect the energy generation and food production of the tree. The reason is that during lopping the healthy branches are also cut which affects the photosynthesis process.

Lopping is momentary way out

Yes, tree lopping is somewhere a temporary solution whereas the pruning is not. The immediate results that tree lopping provides are short lived. However, an arborist associated with tree removal Mittagong mentioned that removal of tree is much effective than of the lopping whereas pruning is more of permanency in nature. It only includes the removal of the dead or diseased portions.

Lopping poses danger also

May be at the start it seems that lopping is a good option for the homeowners. It looks that shaping your tree is a good option but in taking the matter in deep, you can find that it involves a good amount of risk. The activity of lopping is itself tricky as it involves working at a high level, additionally cutting the heavy tree branches. Another important issue is that during lopping, the unstable parts are often cut and the part used to regrow. Therefore, it is wasting unless you are really in need of it. On contrary pruning helps to removed the diseased parts.

Lopping can invite diseases too

An arborist mentioned that lopping the trees open up the space for diseases to the trees. It exposes the inner parts of the trees. Defence mechanism of the tree often gets weaker after undergoing the lopping process and thus those areas becomes more vulnerable to infections. However, apart from being infected the chance of infested by insects and pest increase too after completion of lopping. The reason is same as normal protection layers were cut due to lopping.

However, while taking the decision between lopping and pruning it van is only advised that lopping should be done only in case of urgency or where no choice is left. In addition, a proper lopping must be done also under the supervision of arborist who is well qualified for the job. In case of hiring non-professional the chances of things to going in wrong direction is more.



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Difference of Lopping and Pruning Must Be Known To All: Tree Lopper Southern Highlands

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